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The reason behind creating this blog is directly connected to the online course I am happy and proud to be part of now. I am honoured to be selected into the group of passionate and professional English language teachers who want to develop their skills and share their experiences. Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web offers a chance for me to go a huge step forward in my teaching journey.

Let this blog serve as a record of my attempts and efforts. Please feel free to comment on anything that is going to happen here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 10 - The End and the Beginning

For the past few days I have been trying to wrap up all the things I have gone through since the beginning of the course.

Ten weeks ago I did not have my own blog ... and did not want to have one! Now I am happy to share my experiences with anyone who cares about the quality of teaching languages.

Ten weeks ago I put down all the URLs somewhere in Word files or just in my diary in order not to forget them. Now I have my own Delicious for bookmarking.

Ten weeks ago I considered PowerPoint a tool for displaying teacher's notes with some catchy images or slogans. Now I use it interactively, engaging my students (or my colleagues at work) in the presentation unfolding.

Ten weeks ago used Google only for any kind of web search. Now I still like it and use it, though not exclusively. I grew fond of NoodleTools, Clusty in particular.

Ten weeks ago I began an adventure with technology. So many things emerged meanwhile, so many things changed, but I am still the same person, still a passionate teacher of English who wants to equip her students with the best skills for communication in real world. Now I have tools to use and to achieve my goals.

Thank you all once again for reflecting with me on the ways to make our teaching more effective. The end of this course means the beginning of our journey towards better teaching and learning perspectives in the modern world.


  1. Hello, Joanna!

    You are right - Blogger, Delicious, Google, Power Point... this list we can continue for hours.
    And don't forget about new friends which are waiting to hear from you every week, as it was before!
    Do you promise???

  2. Dear Joanna!

    I have the same feelings and understand how much these 10 weeks have given us in terms of rising our awareness of using technology effectively.

    Before this course I considered that only face-to face meeting with the teachers cuold give good results and effectiveness in teaching.
    But here I felt I really worked hard and much depended on me personally whether I would go together with other my classmates or leave behind.
    So everything Deborah taught us she implemented into her teaching: learner autonomy and independence, time management and promt feedback to our posts and works.

    I believe, this is the beginning as you say of our movement to the more effective teaching and I definitely will follow all your blogs and learn from you.

    Good luck!


  3. Dear Ruslana and Nilufar,

    Let us then keep all our promises and continue keeping in touch and supporting each other. I would love to meet you all one day...